Live the future!

Modbuild Key Benefits

  • Solar and off Grid options available
  • Life span equivalent to traditional bricks and mortar building
  • 25 m2 buildings available to comply with planning at existing house
  • 40 m2 house extension units available to connect to existing building
  • Completely movable building on steel frame
  •  Very cost effective
  • A Rated equivalent to A1 BER
  • Minimal disruption during installation
  • Price range from €1500 to €2000 per M2


Up to 67pc less energy than traditional builds


Huge build savings up to 500%


Very low carbon footprint living


Pod homes come prebuilt

Patrick Walsh, Director of Operations at Modbuild, speaks about constructing modular buildings for the future ff-site, modular buildings which use sustainable materials are increasingly seen across Europe as a solution to construction delivery challenges.
This is due to the fact that high-quality buildings can be delivered to very fast turnaround times. There are, in fact, huge sustainability benefits to be achieved from modular buildings. both for the homeowner and the environment.
Compared to an equivalent, traditionally built project, up to 67pc less energy is required to produce a modular building according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme in the LJK. Not only is the actual construction Of the building 'greener', but the building is also energy-efficient for life.
With many modular buildings now being installed with energy-efficient features
High standard
Having spent the previous 10 years in the insulation and energy retrofit industry, Kildare based company Modbuild saw a gap fora company building modular buildings to the highest energy ratings. equivalent to the Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) and the PASSIVE standard.
Patrick Walsh, who is Director of Operations at Modbuild with additional responsibility for sales, says, "One of the models," says Patrick. "Off-grid modular homes are designed to allow occupants to live autonomously, without the reliance on public utilities. So, they're self-sufficient in terms of water and power."
The company's modules are made from heavy steel, so that they can be lifted into place from the top. "We install 20cm of high-density foam in the floors, walls and roof, with a thermal conductivity of 0.25. This is the measure of its ability to conduct heat. The lower the thermal conductivity, the better, as this means the material doesn't allow heat to pass through easily."
All of the windows, doors and roof lights Modbuild uses are A-rated treble glazed units, "And we are currently installing a choice of electric heating systems. Our latest models are being fitted with Infrared heating. which uses radiation to heat the room instead of convection, allowing heat to be delivered directly to people and furnishings, rather than the entire space. We have been very impressed
With the results Of this. "We Offer different external finishes and one of the greatest benefits with modular units is that they are produced off-site, therefore the disruption to the client is minimal. However, the single greatest thing about our modules, is that we are building to the standard Of tomorrow, not merely trying to hit the minimum
"All of our customers have been amazed by the energy efficiency and comfort of our units. They really are built to last the next 100 years."
Modbuild is currently building standard units for the public, including one- and two-bed units. "Most units for the public are our one-bed 25sq metre units, our slightly bigger 32sq metre one-bed units, or our two-bed 52sq metre units. We build our units from scratch, so we can tailor them to the client's needs.
"We are also building new off-grid display depending on the setting the unit is going to be placed in, but our most popular finish is a silicone-based render with cedar cladding Custom-made Modbuild's units range in price from
and they are an ideal option for those who dream of their own custom-made home, but perhaps don't want to put in the time or expense required to build a house. Not to mention, they can be used by those currently living in their parents' house. but want their own space.
"During the pandemic. we also got a lot of enquiries about home office units, which we are also now offering." says Patrick. "For anybody interested in a unit. we offer a free consultation and will organise a site visit when it is safe to do so.
"But my advice to anybody looking at a modular unit is to get a unit that meets the NZEB level. because it will future-proof their investment. As our Modbuild slogan goes: •Live The Future."
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